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Confounding Tools
Microsoft Word+C4D

Adobe has almost occupied the daily use of all design staff, which can be said to monopolize the design software and our design thinking. If we are separated from Adobe’s software, can we still make design? In each step of the design, we only consider how the design will be made with Adobe series software, but we lack the design thinking of other software. Other software can still complete the design, and even have different effects; Through this thinking, I choose to use Microsoft Word and C4D to build my design world, and use software other than adobe for design creation.
The created poster using Microsoft Word and C4D, I want to express my expectation for 2021, so I use a plane and a 3D space to create two dreams. The dream in the plane is a small white boat floating in the sky and flowers falling down, which means that winter has passed and sprin is coming. The shape of 3D space can see a blooming flower when the shape rotating to any side, which also is a blessing to 2021.

Adobe几乎占据了所有设计工作人员使用日常,可以说是垄断了设计软件和我们的设计思考,如果我们脱离了Adobe的软件,我们还能做成设计吗?我们在设计的每一步骤中,都只会考虑到这个设计用Adobe系列的软件将如何制作,却缺少了对别的软件的设计思考,别的软件也照样可以完成这个设计,甚至会出现不一样的效果;通过这个思考,我选择用Microsoft Word以及C4D来构建我的设计世界,利用Adobe之外的软件来进行设计创作。
通过Microsoft Word和C4D的创作出来的海报,我想表达的是对2021年的期望,所以用一个平面和一个3d的空间建立成的两个梦境,平面中的梦境是一个小白船在天上漂浮着前行,花朵飘落下来,这意味着冬天已经过去,春天来临。而3d的空间的形状在任何面转换的情况下,都能看到一朵绽开的花,也意味着2021年也能像这朵花一样,永远像春天一样绽放。

Toronto, Canada
Guangzhou, China