Graphic Designer

王德发老虎 Wonderful Tiger🐯
Personal ID Design/ Poster Design/ Emoji Design/ Instagram Effect Design (AR Design)
Language: English, Chinese

Year of 2022 is the year of the Tiger, after 12 years of reincarnation once again back to the year of the tiger, the tiger is a very important zodiac sign for me, I was born in the year of the tiger, and it became a symbol of my way to grow up, it represents not only me but also one of the traditional Chinese symbols. The Chinese zodiac is an inseparable part of the Chinese people, the zodiac of the year you were born represents your lucky object, and every year you can always see fortune related to the zodiac. When you get to the year that belongs to your zodiac sign, it represents the passing of another cycle of 12 years.

Chinese zodiac = time = represent your lucky thing

For me, the tiger is my mascot, and my personal symbol is the tiger, so I created a series of personal identity in the Tiger New Year, and named it Wang Defa Tiger, which is translated from the English Wonderful, represen

ting goodness. The tiger design is not as fierce as a tiger in traditional Chinese paintings, but more cutie, because although I am a tiger, my personality is not as fierce as a real tiger, but very nerdy looking. Also, this character is derived into the emoji, AR filter and poster to celebrate the Chinese New Year.



Toronto, Canada
Guangzhou, China