Graphic Designer
I+ (I + Infomation)
Sepculative Design/ UI Design/ Brand Design/
Language: English

On some phone application, it is amazing always give priority to the things you just mentioned to your friends, these things have not been searched on the phone, but only told to friends, but it shows on the phone what you just said, the phone has become a new eavesdropping tool, and software operators and also cell phone operators eavesdrop on our information, our information has been completely exposed, the world is almost no longer a secret.

There is little privacy now. All the information has been more or less disclosed in the network society. Everyone has little privacy, like stripped naked body, telling or showing their privacy to others. In the future, people will see others as if they were naked, with all their own information printed on their bodies, like animals in a farm with marker serial numbers, and our world is like a huge farm.

Toronto, Canada
Guangzhou, China