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Worldbike, founded in 2004, is an organization dedicated to designing innovative bicycle prototypes to promote the development of poor countries. In their design of bicycles, they need to be able to withstand huge loads, rugged terrain and bad weather, and not only low price, but also local maintenance and repair. Their new bicycle technology has been used in small-scale development projects in Cuba, Mexico, Rwanda, Senegal, Thailand and Congo through cooperation with international and local agencies, private companies, foundations and NGOs. In sales, worldbike helps arrange microcredit financing for bicycle purchases and replenishes sales with the support of funders and private donors.

The bicycle is an ideal tool for low cost, high efficiency and sustainable development. The average speed of cycling is three times that of walking, and it is much cheaper than motorcycles and cars. Meanwhile, in this process, worldbike published articles on bicycle design for development, helping developing countries establish bicycle manufacturing and repair plants. 

Worldbike成立于2004年,是一个致力于设计创新自行车原型 来促进贫穷国家发展的组织。在他们的自行车设计中,他们需 要能够承受巨大的负荷,崎岖的地形和恶劣的天气,而且不仅 价格低廉,还需要当地的维护和维修。通过与国际和当地机构 、私营公司、基金会和非政府组织的合作,他们的新自行车技 术已用于古巴、墨西哥、卢旺达、塞内加尔、泰国和刚果的小 规模发展项目。在销售方面,Worldbike帮助为自行车购买安 排小额信贷融资,并在资助者和私人捐助者的支持下补充销售。自行车是低成本、高效率、可持续发展的理想工具。骑自行车 的平均速度是步行的三倍,而且比摩托车和汽车便宜得多。同时,在这个过程中,Worldbike发表了关于自行车设计促进发 展的文章,帮助发展中国家建立自行车制造和修理厂。
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Guangzhou, China